When Playing Nice Just Doesn’t Work Anymore: 4 Common Causes of Partnership Disputes

Starting a business is an exciting experience, and doing it with a partner can be a great way to boost your chances of success. When things are just starting out, everything may go relatively smooth. Over time, however, conflict is almost inevitable. Companies that learn how to properly handle disputes are the ones that have the best chance at success, so take some time to learn about four common causes of disputes Read More

Funding Startups: 5 Ways to Raise Capital for Your Business

When you’re just getting your business started, there are times when you will need to get some extra capital. In the past, this typically meant approaching a bank with a proposal and hoping for the best. Today, however, there are more ways to raise capital than ever before. The following five options should always be considered, with the pros and cons of each weighed to ensure you’re following the right funding path Read More

Sworn to Secrecy: When to Leverage a Non-Disclosure Agreement

When running a business, there are many times when your employees need access to ‘company secrets.’ Whether it is a complex formula for a new product, or information about a future advertising campaign, you don’t want anyone sharing this information with the news, consumers, or competitors. To help ensure this doesn’t happen, you can have all employees, vendors, contractors, and anyone else with access to the Read More

Business Law 101: The Importance of Vendor Agreements

A vendor agreement, or vendor contract, is an important document because it identifies the terms and conditions of a relationship with a specific vendor. This includes things like identifying what services or goods will be provided, the price of these items, dates for delivery, and much more. These agreements can be made for a one-time event, or a long-term agreement. Taking the time to understand why vendor Read More

Key Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Franchising Opportunity

For those who are interested in running their own business, there are several paths to consider. Starting an entirely new business from scratch is often the first thing that comes to mind, but in many cases, it can also be the most difficult. If you don’t have a specific business idea in mind that would push you toward starting something unique, an excellent alternative is opening a franchise. Franchises are Read More

5 Steps to Take Right Away to Increase the Future Sale Value of Your Business

Running a business takes a lot of work. If you are a business owner and think the time may be approaching when you’ll want to sell the company sometime in the next few years, it is a good idea to start preparing now. There are many steps you can take today to increase the value of your business in years to come. The following five steps will help you to get as much money as possible when you decide to sell. Create Read More

Want to Be a Business Owner? Learn the Advantages of Building a Startup vs. Purchasing an Existing Business

If you’re thinking about breaking away from life as an employee and starting your own business, you are likely looking at building a new business from scratch. While that is a great option in many cases, it is also smart to consider buying an established business and building it up from there. Learning about the advantages of each option will help give you the best chance of success. Advantages of Starting from Read More

Amy Hoffman Featured on Local Shopping Showcase

Attorney Amy Hoffman was recently interviewed on Local Shopping Showcase where she talks about the firm and what led her to become a lawyer. Check it out! Read More

Was Your Business Served with a Lawsuit? Here’s What to Do

If your business has been served with a lawsuit, it can be a very scary experience. Your actions immediately after being served can have a significant impact on how the coming weeks or even months will go. While a lawsuit is never a fun experience, if you take the following five steps right away, you can make sure your business is in the best possible position to get through the suit without any significant Read More

The Advantages and Disadvantages of an S-Corp Tax Election

When starting a business, there comes a time when you need to determine the type of legal entity it should be. This will have many implications for the business, especially when it comes to how taxes need to be paid. For many entrepreneurs, an S-Corp seems to be the ideal solution, and in many situations, it really is. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of an S-Corp can help you to make the right decision Read More