Business Disputes

Resolution for Corporate Challenges

If a current legal dispute is the first time you’ve ever considered engaging a business law attorney, you’re not alone. Many businesses mistakenly believe that an attorney only needs to get involved when there is a problem. At APH Law PLLC, we not only excel at resolving disputes, but also in preventing them through careful legal action.

Specific areas in which we’ve worked with businesses in the Tacoma/Seattle metropolitan area include:

  • Partner, LLC Member and Corporate Shareholders

Wrongful dissociation (lockout), breach of governing documents, breach of fiduciary duties, issues related to distribution of profits/losses, and more

  • Construction and Contractors

Lien enforcement, change orders, prime contract, subcontract and field document drafting and interpretation, Contractor registration matters, permitting and compliance issues, licenses and certifications, land use and zoning considerations, and more

  • Business Contracting Issues

Breach of contract, compelling performance, nonpayment or performance matters, regulatory and permitting matters, and more

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

Full representation in all forms of dispute resolution including mediation, arbitration, settlement, mutual release, and other non-litigation resolution methods